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Elopement at Artist Point in the Yellowstone National Park

Ashley and Stephen knew eloping at Artist Point in the Yellowstone National Park was the destination for them! The couple wanted to stand along the rugged rocks overlooking the beautiful canyons, trails, and waterfalls. The canyons painted a glorious picture filled with orange, pinks, and yellows. A year previous to their elopement they were at Artist Point around the same time as Ashley’s grandparents’ anniversary, which made the destination all the more special in celebrating their love for each other.

See more from this elopement at Artist Point in the Yellowstone National Park below! Here’s their story:


Ashley said: “My fiancé’s name is Stephen Churchill (like Winston lol). We’re both police officers in Nassau County, NY. We met on my first day in the precinct. I’m not an open person, and I immediately felt comfortable with him and opened up to him AS A FRIEND. This is where the story takes a turn depending on who we’re talking to…. but since this picture stuff is intimate I’ll tell you the real version. But please don’t judge! Steve and I were really getting along as friends. We would take his awesome dog for walks and go on little adventures. The precinct had a party that somehow ended up at a strip club.

One of the guys bought Steve a lap dance, and I got super jealous. I’m not a jealous person at all and we were just friends, so I had no idea why I felt like this. An hour later, I asked Steve “how was that lap dance?”… his response was “I didn’t pay for it”… then we started making out. Hahahaha and you can fill in the blanks for The rest that night…

The next morning Steve was driving me back to my car and we were holding hands. I literally knew right there he was the one. I said, and again I’m not an open person, “it feels so different with you.” From there we built our life together. Steve is the funniest and most loving person I know. He truly opened my heart in ways I didn’t think were possible. I can’t even express how blessed I feel to spend the rest of my life with my most favorite, and most amazing person, in the world. I wish there was a bigger word than love to express how much I love him. The most important part of our love story is our little baby (piggy) Leo!!! We call ourselves the three little pigs (two cops and a pig)”.


Ashley and Stephen said: “We didn’t want to spend an excessive amount of money on a wedding. We also wanted to do more than just go to the courthouse. We figured it was a huge risk- but the reward would be amazing if it went as planned (which it did!)”.


“The two families merging together and dancing at the campsite”.

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