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3 Best Beaches in Oregon

Ahh, the beach. That glorious strip of land where white sand meets the relaxing waves. It’s a vacation destination for plenty of us. Even a destination for an adventure-filled PNW elopement as well. If you’re thinking about visiting Oregon and want to check out its breathtaking coast, then try checking out the three best beaches in Oregon!

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is located on the Oregon coast, just north of Astoria. It’s known for its sand dunes and old-fashioned atmosphere, as well as its beautiful sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. The beach itself is long and wide at 4 miles long, with plenty of space for everyone. This makes it great for families with young children or those who want to go hiking at Haystack Rock. During low tide, you’ll find tide pools filled with wildlife. Want a PNW surfing adventure? Visit the local surf shop to rent a surfboard and ride the waves. 

Seaside Beach

Seaside is Oregon’s largest resort town. Located just south of Cannon Beach and offers plenty of activities for kids and families like fishing or crabbing off their pier. It also has a 2-mile boardwalk for walking and shopping along with restaurants that serve up delicious seafood dishes like crab or clam chowder! Don’t forget to check out the Seaside Aquarium and Captain Kid Amusement Park. The aquarium in Seaside is really fun for kids. They can touch sea creatures such as starfish and crabs while learning about how they live underwater. You’ll love this laidback beach town with all its natural beauty. It will feel like you’ve been transported back in time when you visit Seaside!

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is the perfect place for a beach getaway. Located just outside of Florence, Oregon, this beach is the largest oceanfront sand dune in America. The sand dunes can reach 500 feet tall and span 40 miles! The sand dunes resemble giant mushrooms when they’re blown by strong winds! There are also trails that lead around this area if you want to explore more than just what’s along the shoreline itself. This destination is great for people seeking an adventure. You can go hiking, rent a dune buggy, or go biking. If you’re a fan of Frank Herbert’s Dune, then this is the place where Frank Herbert took his inspiration.

The beaches of Oregon are some of the best in the country, but if you’re looking for a beach that offers something for everyone, these three are sure to please! Whether it’s a family day trip, an adventure of a lifetime, or an elopement that will create lasting memories, these beaches have got you covered. Which beach are you going to go to next?

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