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5 Wedding Day Must Have Items

If you’re anything like me, you have checklists on checklist of things to pack when preparing to go out of town, attend an event or have a busy day that’s coming up. Your wedding or elopement day is no different! While there are probably things that you’ve already thought about having with you at all times throughout your day (tissues, for example!) there might be a few things that you’ll want to add to your hand-clutch or hiking backpack packing list! Guess what? I’m about to give you a list of 5 wedding day must have items!! 

Let me preface it with this: all wedding and elopement days are different and may require some specific items depending on your plans for the day! If I have a couple that is eloping at the top of a mountain during the day time, I’ll make sure that they each have a pair of socks, hiking shoes, sunscreen and plenty of water! If a couple is planning a super fun party for their reception with lots of dancing, I’ll suggest that she keeps bandaids or sandals/flats on hand to prevent blisters from breaking it down on the dance floor.

Aside from the specific items that you may need on the day of your wedding, there’s 5 wedding day must have items that I always recommend having nearby or on-hand!

1. Breath-mints or Gum!

This may seem silly or like a “duh” thing, but seriously! You’re going to be talking, laughing, drinking and eating throughout the day – along with having intimate moments between your and your babe. It’s no fun to get up close and cozy when you or your babe have bad breath! Trust me, you’ll thank me for this after your new hubby has been smoking a cigar with his guys or snacking on food all morning!

2. Chapstick or Lipstick

Again, sort of a “duh” item! All that smiling, talking (and kissing!) definitely causes your lips to dry out. Keeping some on hand will keep you feeling moisturized and happy (no one likes the feeling of dry lips!). 

*Pro Tip – put a tiiiiiiny bit of Vaseline on your teeth. It keeps your lips from sticking to your teeth and your mouth from feeling dried out!

3. Bobby Pins or Hair Ties

Throughout the day your hair may come loose from moving around! If you’re eloping, you may even want to throw it up while you’re on the trail to keep from getting sweaty. Always keep a few bobby pins and a hair tie on hand just in case you need to make some adjustments!

4. Water-bottle and Snack

Along with your handy margarita or wine, make sure to have a bottle of water with you at all times!! Your wedding or elopement can easily go by without remembering to hydrate. Especially if you had mimosas with your girls that morning or cheered a beer with your man, you’re going to need to make sure you’re drinking water through the day to prevent dehydration, fainting, etc. Water is SUPER important! I always suggest keeping a protein bar with you as well, just in case a long time goes between eating to help keep you from getting hangry or you blood sugar dropping.

5. Deodorant 

When you live in Phoenix and are seemingly (always) sweating, you learn to keep a bottle of deodorant with you wherever you go! They make handy travel size deodorants that you can easily stash in a purse or backpack. It’s always good to keep one on hand so that you can stay feeling fresh and smelling good!

There are SO many other things that I could suggest to you (safety pins included), but these 5 things are without a doubt some of the most important to have nearby on the day of your wedding or elopement! I always be sure to have some of each of those items with me juuuuust in case, but it’s always good to have those things with you as well!

If you’re looking for other helpful wedding or elopement tips, click here or reach out to me! I would love to chat!



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  1. Leah says:

    Such a great guide! Especially about the snack! Nobody wants to be hangry on their wedding day!

  2. Thanks for all the tips! They are good things to have for sure, because even though they’re simple, people will forget!

  3. Mikalynn says:

    Great advice! All the little things you forget in the last minute rush.

  4. Anna says:

    Such good tips!!

  5. Rebekah says:

    Yessss! Such good tips about things people don’t even think about! Gotta keep hydrated on your wedding day! I got super dehydrated on my elopement day and it was the worssstttt the next day, lol! Don’t do it! Drink your water!

  6. Henry Tieu says:

    The deodorant is so important. I am photographing 3 elopements back to back and guess who’s the one that forgot his deodorant. loll me. ahhh

  7. Kate Hampson says:

    such great tips! The deodorant is a fab call – great to rub on inner thighs!!!

  8. Marla says:

    These are soo easily forgotten – thanks for the list! I bet gum is a lifesaver.

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