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Elopement at Grand Teton National Park

Sarah and Chris were drawn to Grand Teton National Park for their elopement. The mountains, pine trees, and lakes were mesmerizing to them and they knew it was the perfect place for their elopement and private ceremony. The couple says it was an adventure of a lifetime to hike in their wedding attire and take in the magnitude of the mountains. It was a breathtaking experience for them to see the sunrise slowly illuminate over the mountains. It was an elopement of a lifetime!

See more from this at Grand Teton National Park elopement below! Here’s their story:


“Chris and I first met .. in 6th grade! 🙂 We are from Mystic, CT, but currently live in Westerly, RI. We have been super close friends for the last 20 years. Chris likes to tell me that he first fell in love with me in our 6th-grade math class. We have remained in the same circle of friends ever since then! It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that Chris started trying to convince me to go on a first date. Chris had moved away and lived in CA, and CO for a couple of years. We both dated on and off, but eventually, the timing just worked out. February 2021 we’ll have been together for 3 years. 🙂 We joke about Chris not giving up on being with me, but I truly feel like the real winner. He is one of the kindest, caring, silly and passionate people I have ever met and has always been my #1 fan.

The ring Chris and I designed together is made with green amethyst. I wanted something outside of the box, beautiful and unique .. the color of an ocean wave right as it’s about to break. The ocean is incredibly important to both of us, we’d like to say salt runs throughout veins.”


“A big traditional wedding just didn’t seem to fit out personalities. Though we absolutely missed so many friends and family, we knew doing something outside of the box was a bit more our style. We felt that choosing a new place – the Grand Tetons/Jackson Hole – to explore together on our wedding day would be a story we’d never forget. Getting to also share this without immediate family, and close friends were so incredibly special. Every aspect of the day felt very personal to us, and we couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day.”


Sarah: “This is so hard to choose because there seriously were so many epic points to the day, but I would have to say hiking hand in hand with Chris right when we turned this corner on our hike that exposed the Tetons Peaks. It was absolutely surreal and I will never forget that moment. SO pumped Allison captured an absolutely epic shot of it so we can remember it forever.”

Chris: “I second what Sarah said! Lol. But I would definitely say the hike. There was a lake that we stopped at to take pictures and it was unreal. I also loved our ceremony with all of our people. SO hard to choose.”

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