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How to Elope on the Oregon Coast

As a PNW elopement photographer, I’m definitely biased when I say that an Oregon coast elopement is one of the most spectacular places to get married in the United States and arguably the world. It is packed full of a variety of landscapes from cliffs and forests to deserts. Here’s all the details about how to elope on the Oregon coast!

oregon coast elopement photographer
Naba Zabih Photography


In terms of oregon elopement locations, there are several state parks and cities that are worth considering for your elopement location, but to concentrate on the coast the top places are Cannon Beach, Shore Acres State Park and Brookings. Those locations boast the rugged Oregon coastline with spectacular views.

how to elope on the OREGON COAST


To have an Oregon coast elopement you do need a wedding license, an officiant and two witnesses over 18. This being said, the officiant can be whoever you hand the paperwork over to at the courthouse if you would rather have the ceremony be a little more intimate.

When getting married on the beach you do need a beach permit which you can get from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

Fun fact – my oregon elopement packages include officiating services! I’m a licensed officiant and can legally marry the two of you.

Erika Green
Erika Green


Thankfully, most of the state parks are complete with restrooms and nearby parking for ease. If you wish to go a little further into these parks it will require a bit of a hike, but hiking is not a necessity for views!

There are several airports located down the coastline of Oregon and depending on where your elopement takes place, there should be a corresponding airport located nearby.

Best Time of Year 

Due to weather and crowd surges, the best time to plan your elopement would be in the early spring or early fall. The Oregon coastline has a rather temperate climate being located in the Pacific Northwest, however they do experience season changes and stay rather busy during the summer months.

Oregon is a prime elopement spot for the couple that craves the stunning views but does not want to have to haul a good way to get there. There are multiple hotels, airports, and bed and breakfasts. There is so much to do within each state park that I would suggest spending at least a few days and taking it all in if at all possible! The best elopement photographers will all be able to share with you details on the places to stay near your location.

How to elope on the OREGON COAST
Alixann Loosle Photography

Things to Do for your Oregon Elopement

What can you do on for your Oregon Coast elopement? Here are some things that you can add to your adventurous elopement activities: 

  • Hiking the Oregon Coast Trail
  • Eat fresh seafood
  • Drive the Three Capes Scenic Route
  • Checkout Thor’s Well, which is a coastal sinkhole
  • Explore the state parks and set up a camping site
  • Visit the Yaquina Head Light House
  • Book an ATV ride and explore the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area
  • Explore all the scenic beaches
  • See the sea lion caves
  • Go whale watching

Wildlife You May Encounter 

The Oregon Coast has diverse wildlife and marine life. Some wildlife are whales, sea lions, otters, seals, sea stars, deer and elk, butterflies, and various species of birds. 

View more of my work on my Instagram and get more details on how to elope on the Oregon coast!

Lastly, you may be thinking “Are there elopement photography packages near me?”. I have good news for you – I’m your gal. As an Oregon elopement photographer (really, a destination elopement photographer), there’s no added on travel fees for my packages anywhere in the U.S.

I’m so game to team up with you two for an incredible day.


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