As you may realize, the term “elopement’ has changed a lot over the years. It used to mean a cheap, last-minute and an unapproved way to get married.

Guess what? The term elopement means something drastically different nowadays. 

It’s a way to get married that’s stripped down to what truly matters: you two, and your decision to commit your lives to each other. There’s no fluff, no distractions, no big production. An elopement is a small, MEANINGFUL, truly authentic wedding day centered on a true reflection of your relationship – a day that focuses strictly on you two.

Here’s the best part: there’s no rules. You hike to the edge of a cliff to share hand-written vows with just the two of you, invite your family to your ceremony that overlooks a vast valley, or bring your best friends to the top of a mountain to celebrate your wedding day.

The decision is yours, and it gets to be exactly what you want it to be.


Your loved ones will typically begin asking you (as soon as you get engaged!), where and when the wedding will be taking place – and if they’re invited. Often times, it will be automatically assumed that you will be taking the traditional wedding route. I’ve heard couples say things such as “my mom would be so heartbroken” or “we just have such a big family,” when listing reasons why they can’t elope. I get it – it’s scary to step outside of tradition, to blaze your own wedding-day trail and to explain to your loved ones why you don’t want to and won’t be having a traditional wedding. Guess what? All you have to say is this: “we don’t feel like a big wedding is for us.” You deserve a day that is focused on you two, doing what you enjoy and want to do together – nothing else.

Share with your friends and families the reasons of why you’re choosing to elope (over face-time, not through a text!)  – chances are, they’ll understand. Choosing to keep them involved in the planning process will help them feel like they’re a part of your day. Plan to throw a party when you get back from your elopement, to celebrate with your closest friends and family. 

And then? Share your images with them – show them why you chose to elope, tell them how you felt during the day and bring them into your world by looking at your elopement images together. 

I promise you this – if they hear how important it is to you to elope instead of choosing to have a big wedding, they’ll be happy for you and want to share in any of the moments that you invite them into.



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